About Us

About Us

Downtown Stables LLC is owned and operated by Jacob and Lauren Johnson.¬† Jacob and Lauren’s goal at Downtown Stables is to offer a positive environment for people to achieve goals with their horse and receive the quality care they deserve. Jacob and Lauren were honored to receive the Bartow Farm Family of the Year 2021

Jacob Johnson and his horse Atlas.
Lauren Johnson and her horse Kate.

Lauren Johnson specializes in the hunter jumper discipline. Lauren has experience riding, showing, training, and teaching horses and riders of different levels. Downtown Stables riders have brought home numerous Championships and top placings in Hunters Jumpers and Equitation Divisions. Lauren has had the opportunity to ride and work with top professionals including George Morris, Judy Richter, Bernie Traurig, Frank Madden, Sunny Stevens, Beth Ravinsky, Deborah Brown-Moon, Joyce Daly Northup, and many other knowledgeable professionals.

These experiences allowed Lauren to learn about hunters, jumpers, equitation, dressage, western pleasure and driving. Lauren attributes her success and knowledge to the 350+ horses and counting she has ridden and learning from some of the best.

Lauren continues her education, as she believes there is always something to learn with horses whether it’s stable management, riding, horse care, instruction, or training; its important to stay current.

While riding is a huge part of Lauren’s passion, teaching others about the sport is equally important to her. Lauren is able to adjust her teaching style to a variety of horses and riders’ needs. Lauren believes every rider can improve but the key is unlocking that potential.

Lauren loves challenging her students. Her focus is safety, correct techniques and having fun!